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This World Sucks!


What the hell is up with teachers? Let's say you have this English teacher, and let's say that she makes up grades by pulling numbers out of a hat by some entirely arbitrary reasoning. Then, what happens? Good students get screwed, and poor students get lucky. Nobody wins. Ever.

Okay, here's one for all of you physics buffs out there. Let's say that you're a physics teacher. Now let's further say that you don't know Newton's laws. Thus, we have a contradiction. Now, we'll assume, for the sake of the argument, that you actually are a physics teacher. Now, when you go to make a test, what kind of questions would you give? Put it this way: would you first try out your own questions to be sure they can be reasonably worked out within the time frame given for the test? Or would you simply scribble drawings and write equations on a page in the hopes that students would dummy out a solution? When they don't, then you're forced to discount the test from the average grade since everyone did so poorly. (Because the questions were absurd)

This physics teacher has a pony tail, and a big bald spot. I think he has the pony tail so he can do the classic "comb over" using his bangs. As we speak, I imagine the English teacher is rubbing wax on the physics teacher's bald spot so it will be nice and shiny for class tomorrow. (The linked pictures are done by my friend Sujan by the way.)

Now, the question remains: how to deal with such a physics teacher? The best suggestion to date comes from Darkhawk42. We put a live [non-lethal venemous] snake up his butt, and watch what happens. Have any other suggestions? E-mail me.

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