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Cool and Interesting Quotes

(That Pertain to Nothing Useful!)

All of these quotes come from friends of mine or from myself. If you think they're stupid, don't tell me about it, because I don't care. Also, feel free to submit your own quotes. :-)

"Friction is a bastard."
-Tim K

"Rain sucks. So does life. You can't do anything about either of them."
-Sujan K

"I have no problem with indiscriminately killing, but I'm still too moral to be a lawyer."
-Eric P

"The complexity of the interactions of human emotions is just a wonderful paradigm of thought, isn't it?"
-Tim K

"I guess, in a messed up sort of way, that is the beauty of life, everything is unexpected, unfortunately some of it is not a pleasure."
-Nicole S

-Eric P

"No matter what, remember that whatever decision you make will be a good one, because it will come with a great deal of thought."
-Nicole S

"If you call me hostile again, I'm going to shoot you."
-Eric P

"I don't quote."
-Josh W

"Sometimes there is no friend more precious than the one who has never met you." -Eric P

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