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Plea of Passion

Where do feelings come from?
Perhaps the mind does supply some.
Do they only exist when
The leave the tip of the pen?
Are they made real
When I say how I feel?
How can I prove mine to you?
Is there something I should do?

Perhaps there's nothing I need to say,
But rather I'll show you another way.
I'll use a can of whipped cream
While naked on a balance beam.
We'll find ourselves that vacant bed
Once our desires have been fed.
But best of all, I'll be with you,
Though at times I'm horny too.

With that madness now left my mind,
Some charming passion I seek to find.
My favorite feelings forcefully flying:
Lifelong liking and Love, never lying.
Bowing down to the one I Love
I find beauty greater than heaven above.
But by now I see it so well...
That's why you are my angel.