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What is Love?

What is Love but a word?
Is it spoken or is it heard?
A guide I'll use my dictionary as,
But so many meanings this word has.
There's love in families, and among friends.
Some dies quickly, and some never ends.

I may say that I love my pets;
Is that what Love is? Don't make bets.
Is love but a place,
Or a look on my face?
Is it a word meant to mean
How the English love their queen?
So many questions, not many answers.
Maybe Love only exists among exotic dancers.

Is love what I feel,
But cannot reveal?
Is Love something anyone understands?
Can I purchase it in different brands?
Does Love live within me,
Or over in apartment three?
Perhaps it exists in you,
or somewhere on floor two.

I know now- Love exists in us both;
Two souls provide room for its growth.
Protected in the safety of our caring
There develops a Love for our sharing.

I should have listened to my heart
Right from the very start,
Instead of to my mind,
An instrument so blind
To these feelings I know not to smother.
It's both you and I; we Love each other.