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Strange (But True) Physics

Sweeping the Floor

We all know that when one sweeps the floor, a pile of dirt and such is made to be swept into a dust pan. There is a fundamental question as to where this pile is to be formed. However, we know one very important property of this pile: during the sweep, all dirt is attracted to this pile by the broom-force. We define the location of this pile to be the "center of mess".


Suppose a group of individuals is talking, and the following set of conditions is met:
(1) No outside eavsdroppers hear any of what is said.
(2) No rude outside individuals interrupt by adding their own commentary.
Then we may say that the quantity of communication expressed is equal to the quantity of communication heard, and we have what is known as "Conservation of Conversation".

Pizza Hut Managers

Claim: All Pizza Hut managers are stupid.
Consider first, that becoming a manager requires at least one of two things--experience in the company, knowledge of how the company works.
Thus, all Pizza Hut managers meet at least one of these two conditions.
Case 1: (Experience)
Experience implies working for the company for a substantial period of time.
Therefore, said individual should have learned how bad the company is.
Case 2: (Knowledge)
Knowledge of how the company works is logically equivalent to knowing how bad the company is.
So, if the individual does realize how bad the company is, then they would have to be an idiot to stay with the company, and this concludes our proof.
Alternately, assume (for contradiction) that the individual still does not realize how bad the company is.
Then, they must be a true idiot.
So, regardless of the conditions at work, this said individual is an idiot. Therefore, we conclude that all Pizza Hut managers are stupid.

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