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Tim's Educational Page

(although still useless)

A simple disclaimer... most of what you see here is just notes, reports, etc, that I have from various classes in high school and/or college. I offer these in case they may be useful to anyone out there. There are rules however:
If you use this information, do not copy it, and be sure to list it as a reference.
If you don't list it as a reference, at least don't copy it.
If you still decide to copy it, don't get caught.
For those of you who don't list it as a reference, copy it, and get caught, I have three words: "You dumb shit."


Some info about Henry James' Beast in the Jungle
Theme/Story: A chance event.

Social Studies

British Government:some useful terminology.
American Government:
Outline of Bureaucracy and Judiciary.
Outline of Congress.
Outline of Federalism.
Does the government do as promised in the Constitution?
Information about the FDIC.

Tim's Educational Useless Page
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